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japanese grammar

September 2008

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pynelyf in jpnese_grammar

to iu yori mo

X というより (は), (むしろ) Y = "It's more Y, than X" or "Y rather than X"or "It's not so much X as Y"
  • indicates which of two options describes the situation, person, etc. more accurately
  • むしろ、which is optional means "rather"
  • X and Y must be the same part of speech

adj. というより (は), (むしろ)adj
ex: 涼しいというより (は), (むしろ)寒い / cold rather than cool
きれいというより (は), (むしろ)かわいい / cute rather than pretty

noun というより (は), (むしろ)noun
ex: 青というより (は), (むしろ)紫 / purple rather than blue

Verb plain というより (は), (むしろ) Verb plain
ex: 食べるというより (は), (むしろ)飲み込んでいる / swallowing rather than eating ****awful typo corrected

私にこの音楽は楽しいというよりはやかましい。/To me this music is more noisy than enjoyable. OR To me this music was not so much enjoyable as noisy. etc.
今年の夏は涼しいというよりは寒かった。/This summer was cold rather than cool.
父は、父親というよりは、むしろいい友達という感じでした。/ I felt that my dad was a good friend rather than a father.
私が呼んだというより、むしろ彼女の方が押しかけて来たんです。/It's more of a case of her having invited herself than me having invited her.


Thank you for this grammar; very useful! So I guess if you put in むしろ, you are giving the 'rather' a further/heavier emphasis?

Also, is "読み込む" swallowing...? *scratches head*

Sorry for so many questions! :P
Got it in one. むしろ does literally translate as "rather" and including it in this structure does give more emphasis.

And thank you so much for alerting me to that absolutely awful typo! I mean 飲み込む which means "to swallow" rather than 読み込む, which according to Jim Breen's means "to express."

So, as you can see, your questions are quite helpful. I need someone to keep me from making dumb mistake!
Hehehe! Im glad Im of use then. :)

Now Im learning loads from your grammar posts... and new words too. I didn't know 飲み込む means 'swallow'. :)